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by Brendan J. Melvin
Net Firms Hosting Review

If you want to make a personal site using Net firms is the best possible way to do that. Net firms provide a good service to their customers. It catches all the attention of their customers as the rock bottom price of their Plus web hosting plan and the least expensive monthly cost among the hosts. It helps to provide the entire necessities frills plan for building and posting a site, which includes both good uptime and a fine customer service reputation. Net firms hosting review offers 3 different web hosting plans like “The Plus Plan”, “The Advantage Plan” and “The Business Plan”. Net firms include up to 300 GB disk space and 3000 GB on monthly bandwidth and if you sign up for “The Business Plan” then you will get five free domains. The best part of these plans is its email features. The Plus plan comes with a huge offer with 10 email accounts and 100 MB storage space for each email account. The Plus Plan provides the perfect solution hosting your single website while the higher end plans focus on multiple website hosting.

Net Firms Hosting Features

Net Firms Hosting Features

The features of net firms are very easy to operate and not at all complex. Once you have perused those 2 tomes you can contact the customer service of net firms if you witness any further problems. You can contact the net firm customer service via telephone, email, or any live chat services. The most useful and the easiest way is the live chat services as you can deal with your queries in front of the customer service agent and he can advise you on the best feature that is good for you. So consult the customer service agent when you are facing any kind of problem. You will upgrade to the deluxe version and have a website with 10 pages for those people who wanted their websites to be a store they will have the luxury of getting 500 items.


The net firm advantage package has multiple FTP accounts. Net firms have a limit of 50 additional FTP accounts. To get all these features you have to sign up to net firms and get all these packages through. The net firms would like to see more FTP accounts when they buy the Plus package. Net firms don’t offer too many things when it comes to marketing tools. They provide the Google Webmaster tool which you can take advantage of and manage your website much easier than before. It also takes note of how many visitors you are getting which helps you to judge whether you are doing a fair job or not. So overall net firm has accomplished it by providing simple, quality web hosting plans at an affordable cost and their customer service is appreciable and you would not be disappointed if you go with net firms.

So these prove that net firms are ahead of a lot of Net Firms Hosting review.

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