Lunar Pages Hosting Review

by Brendan J. Melvin
Lunar PagesHosting Review

You have heard about the Lunar pages Hosting Company, haven’t you? No is a certainly unexpected answer for this particular question. Well do not sweat because I have been given the responsibility of giving you a review about the Lunar pages Hosting Company.

It may be an easier task for you to observe the basic material of my article if I divide my words in different sections each having different information to offer. So let us begin.

Company details- Lunar pages hosting has been able to provide hosting services to more than a thousand personal web sites and business companies. From 1998 it has been known for its customer satisfaction by providing hosting service at a fraction of cost. It is situated in California, Arizona and Nevada.


It gives you unlimited domain hosting with unlimited GB hosting space. An unlimited e-mail account capacity makes it all the more special. It comes with a free domain and free site builder and templates. An unlimited GB file transfer is not a thing that I can make the mistake of forgetting. It provides security shell, SSL, stats and FTP.


Moreover you can get $75 worth free Google credit. And as a cherry on the top you get a 99.9% uptime guarantee.


The hosting solutions of this company is reliable enough so that you can have a peaceful sleep at night. World-class technology is used by the Lunar page. High-performance Xeon Servers are utilized for hosting plans. They use UPS power back along with a Diesel Back-Up generator situated in their datacenter. Their network is monitored, literally all the time.


A friendly staff is always there to guide you and answer any question that you may have. They provide a toll-free number along with chatting facility as well as a support ticket system. For details it is better that you join them the give you demo as to the services which they can provide and the ways in which those services can be potentially useful to all those who care to join. They do not differentiate between new and current customers which makes them so adorable to work with.


They charge $6.95 per month for their efficient services and also without any setup fees. Not bad bargain eh?

With all its features customer support and cheaper services they put on the best of efforts to make your life faster, easier and more tension free. I repeat that they do not differentiate between current and fresh customers. So feel free to communicate them whenever you are in need. Anyone who has experienced their services can give you the guarantee that will surely be of help at least a guide who can not only direct you to the path but also help you along your journey. I may conclude by saying that there are many more hosting companies but few enjoy the popularity among customers as this one and anyone who is facilitated by the company will agree to my statement.

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