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by Brendan J. Melvin
Hostpapa Hosting Review

In the year 2006 Hostpapa came up with its business manifesting the web hosting facilities and earned recognition as one of the initial green (eco-friendly) hosting companies that deal with its business from the US, Canada, UK, and France. It has a restricted owner and also has numerous centers out in Toronto, New York, and in the Niagara Falls. The clients might appreciate the unanimous features of unlimited disk space, domain hosting, and bandwidth just at the slip of $3.95 off their wallet! Their website is  The main tagline of this company is, ‘let papa help you’.


It provides a lot of various eye-catching features in different categories. Such as firstly in terms of cheaper accessibility, it offers three different monthly plans at a moderate rate. Then again regarding the hosting features, it offers not only unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth but also a free domain name, free site builder, CGI-BIN, SSI, frontpage extensions, and FTP access. It also offers a number of e-mail features not only with unlimited e-mail accounts but also forwarders, autoresponders, and web-based e-mail.

Hostpapa Hosting features

With these numerous features, it also presents an array of eCommerce features as agora shopping cart, os, Commerce, zen cart, and cube cart. It also offers multiple software or plugins as Perl 5, PHP 5, 100 MySQL databases, ruby or ruby on rails, java scripts or DHTML, fantastic, message forum (PHPBB and more), SohoLaunch, guest books, image auction, and image galleries. Their payment methods are quite simple and available online by credit card and PayPal. They do also have a wonderful liable policy of full refund within thirty days.


Hostpapa tenders its customers at a reasonable price and provides them with various freebies. They give a free domain name with roughly three hundred gigabytes of disk space and another three thousand gigabytes of bandwidth each month. Their charge sheet for their consumer goes in this way, twenty-five dollars worth of Yahoo Source marketing, fifty dollars worth of Promo People products, and a reasonable setup fee of only thirty dollars. Since it is eco-friendly it can reutilize and recycle the energies lost and can stay up. Renewable energy powers their servers and office enabling less loss of information.

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They give technical support guaranty to their clients to make them aware of the fact that the administrative tools provided by them are really very functional. The policy term of thirty days refund also finds a great pullover in the requisition of their web hosting infrastructure. They convey to have put up an honest and reliable business.

Hostpapa Hosting support


Being one of the earliest websites to go green it has a great value on the environment using renewable sources of energy. Hostpapa greatly integrated on making the best and most idealistic experience while web hosting keeping in mind their main aim of reliable service.

This company never let their uptime to fall below ninety-nine percent! In fact, they wanted to give an estimation of one hundred percent uptime but couldn’t due to so many users at the same moment resulting in traffic as they are using the same resources offered by them.

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