Hostcab Coupons & Promo Codes

by Brendan J. Melvin
Hostcab Coupons & Promo Codes

HostCab is a fairly run of the mill hosting service. If you have little to no idea what that means is that it is somewhat an ordinary service. On paper, if you look at the offerings and spec sheet of HostCab, then you will notice that it ticks most of the boxes for a standard hosting service. As with many digital goods, HostCab coupon codes are also up for grabs. But before going on further, we have to see what a standard hosting service consists of

A standard hosting service has:

  • Entry-level Shared Hosting Packages
  • Mid-Level VPS or Cloud Hosting
  • High-level Dedicated Server Hosting
  • Domain Names
  • Added Benefits

If we now look at the features of HostCab, then we will see how it fares as a hosting service. We will also discuss how it performs and passes a verdict on it.

HostCab Offering List

Now we will look at the hosting offerings of HostCab and get an idea about if they provide enough of the things we mentioned above.

HostCab services divide themselves into three main points

  • Hosting
  • Domains
  • Addons

HostCab Hosting Packages

As we said earlier, Hosting packages should include packages for the three tiers of solutions. First, we will take a look at each of the services.

HostCab Shared Hosting

HostCab Shared Hosting

Shared hosting stands at the bottom tier of the services for hosting packages. The web hosting package is also the most popular one. More people want to do hosting at a lower specification because their sites don’t need that much heavy lifting.

Nonetheless, Hostcab has brought in a clear cut feel to its shared hosting packages. Another thing to note is the number of developer-friendly support that HostCab gives in its packages.

There are some defining features of the shared hosting packages of HostCab. They include:

  • Up to Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Email Support
  • Database support
  • FTP accounts
  • Free SSL certificate
  • The U.S. A and the U.K. based server locations
  • CMS support for WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc.
  • Free Website Migration
  • CDN support from Cloudflare
  • cPanel admin control

So, as we can see that HostCab does not skimp on hosting services, they load up their hosting plans with the right tools to have a seamless shared hosting package. But some devices are missing that helps with the promotion and other aspects.

HostCab Cloud Hosting

HostCab Shared Hosting

One noticeable change from our list of necessities of a standard web hosting necessity is Cloud Hosting. We did not mention cloud hosting on our list. But cloud-platform is a rising technology and essential in many industries. Now cloud hosting is creeping into the High-mid range set of hosting plans.

HostCab has opted to include cloud hosting and leave dedicated server technology out. But a well-put cloud hosting can act as a good enough replacement for dedicated servers.

We have to take a look at what the cloud hosting delivers as benefits first.

  • Unlimited Domain hosting
  • Unlimited Monthly Bandwidth
  • Free domain on premium Cloud packages
  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Up to six cores for processing
  • Free SSL certificates

Other benefits are quite similar to web hosting packages.

To be very honest, cloud hosting is just a fancy looking version of VPS (which we will cover next). So, the bottom line is HostCab doesn’t have a heavyweight hosting option.

HostCab VPS Hosting

HostCab VPS Hosting

The mid-range hosting option gives you a lot of control. With more specifications and better coverage, a VPS server gives you the power of a virtual CPU, which you can control appropriately without much hassle. Virtual Private Servers can also tackle heavy traffic and web functions.

HostCab VPS packages are much more polished than cloud hosting. VPS is much more complete, which has a greater variety of options for the users. The plans feel full and have some type.

  • SSD Disk for fast data transfers (up to 135 GB)
  • T.B. worth of Bandwidth
  • Up to three cores
  • Six G.B. of RAM support
  • cPanel support
  • Backups available in the premium plans
  • Managed tools also in premium plans
  • Server Locations in U.K., USA, Finland, Bulgaria, Australia
  • Linux support for CentOS, Debian, and Ubuntu

The six packages in the HostCab plans have quite a lot of variety when in terms of VPS plans. Among the hosting plans, VPS delivers a semblance of quality.

HostCab Domain services

HostCab has a standard setup for domain services. You can search and look for your desired domain services. You get the standard top-level domain extensions.

Registration is simple, and you can get free domains on select plans for free.


Addons are added benefits related to a particular service that you can pay to add on. HostCab has some essential services that help with various functions of a website.

SSL Certificates

SSL certificates are essential both for a secure connection and a proper ranking online. HostCab gives you the option to purchase SSL certificates from its store. You can purchase

  • PositiveSSL
  • Essential SSL
  • Positive SSL wildcard
  • EV SSL certificate
  • Multidomain Positive SSL
  • SSL 123


Gsuite is the bundle of Google services you can use for many use cases, Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, and many more features are there for you. HostCab brings you the premium benefits of Gsuite.

HostCab Email Hosting

Email hosting lets you create your professional email address and run campaigns as well. For a business having a verified email hosting is essential. HostCab gives you the option to host one account or five email accounts with the hosting.

HostCab Pricing Policy

ServiceStarting Prices
Shared Hosting$1/month
Cloud Hosting$10/month
VPS Hosting$14/month
Domain Names$9.95/registration (.com)
SSL Certificates$22/year
Email Hosting (5 users)$60/month

Final Observations

  • A very standard and secure hosting service
  • Lacks Dedicated Server
  • Has a serviceable VPS package set
  • Cloud Hosting is mediocre at best
  • Provides necessary addons
  • Services need better tools, software support for a more cohesive service.

HostCab Coupon Codes and Offers

HostCab, like many contemporary online businesses, offers promo codes on many of their services. You can check them out on their homepage. But it might get tough to keep track of them.

Black Friday and especially Cyber Monday yields discounts from 80-90%, so waiting around at that time might give you more to work. You can try on Thanksgiving weekend in November.

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