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by Brendan J. Melvin

All in One Cyberghost VPN Review

Cyberghost is a VPN service that provides comprehensiveness to the VPN needs of every browser. A VPN is a service that brings you personalized security and freedom to roam anywhere on the internet. Cyberghost is one such service that you can depend on for your browsing safety. That is why Cyberghost promo codes and offers are so much necessary to minimize your costs. But before all that purchase-related talk, you have to consider your choice. We talked about how large the Cyberghost group of services is. We have to look at exactly how Cyberghost protects our online presence from evil entities.

Cyberghost Service Features
You might have seen many VPN services. They usually offer some form of rerouting of your requests. There is also the matter of giving you universal access to content that might not be available to you. But some defining points set Cyberghost apart from other VPN services. These features are quite handy when protecting your browsing. These are

  • IP Hiding
  • Encryption Strength
  • Protection Under wi-fi
  • No Record Policy
  • No-Spy server
  • Dedicated IP

IP Hiding
You can hide your IP with Cyberghost. Your IP address represents your physical location on the internet. But when you are browsing, your IP address is there for the server-side people to see. Cyberghost VPN lets you hide your IP address. When it reroutes your request through servers, your IP doesn’t show up at all.

Encryption Strength
Another defining feature of Cyberghost security is high-end encryption. The service encrypts requests with the highest mode of encryption in the VPN market. The 256-bit encryption is a military-grade encryption method. So if any hacker is trying to track your information down, then it would be impossible for them to track down.

Protection under wi-fi
Wi-fi is the most accessible form of web connection. So, it would be a given that you would connect to public wi-fi connections regularly. But that would make you more susceptible to information theft. Your browsing requests would be under threat of interception. Cyberghost protects your devices while under a wi-fi connection.

No records
Cyberghost VPN, if enabled, would have access to your browsing data. So, you might think they would abuse this access. But they respect your privacy. Cyberghost wipes your browsing activity clean from their database. So, you can have the assurance that Cyberghost isn’t peeping into your browsing activities. There is no log or record of your actions. So, they are a trustworthy VPN service.

Connection Security
The whole world connects with each other through the web of the internet. In essence, critical services like banks and financial institutions have moved to the online spectrum. You might also need to connect to a payment portal. All of these aspects require a secure connection. Cyberghost makes sure your connection to these services is secure, and you can manage your online transactions without a hitch.

No-Spy server
Spies and intelligence agencies are always looking around in many people’s private web surfing activities. But Cyberghost has a No-Spy server that makes sure no one is snooping around in your online activity logs.

Dedicated IP
Dedicated IP is a system by which VPN servers hide their client’s web activities. Cyberghost compiles their users under one IP or several dedicated IPs for specific regions. So you can be assured of the protection of your IP and browsing tracking security.

Protection of All Devices
All of us access the internet using several devices or mediums. You cannot hope to save your information without making sure that all devices are secured. Cyberghost gives you that blanket security measure across all types of devices and mediums.

  • Desktop
  • Mobile
  • TV
  • Routers
  • Browser Extensions

Desktop or laptops are probably the most traditional mediums of accessing the internet. Cyberghost gives the proper protection for desktop operating systems. It has all the benefits of getting your browser safe from detection. The main catch being you have to install the app for Cyberghost in your device. Currently, there are three operating systems Cyberghost works.

  • Microsoft Windows (Vista, 7,8 & 10)
  • macOS (versions 10.12-10.34)
  • Linux Distros (Ubuntu, Debian, fedora, CentOS)

Mobile devices have overtaken desktops as prime devices to browse the internet. So, it has also become widespread for people to use public wi-fi to access online services. Cyberghost has brought services for protecting your mobile browsing. Currently, there are two app versions for the two dominant mobile operating systems.
iOS (iOS 9.3 and up)
Android (From Jellybean to Pie Versions)

Television Operating systems are very much in demand with the spike of smart TVs. You also have to protect your intelligent television information. Cyberghost provides security for Smart TV operations with two popular OSs. These are

  • Amazon Fire Stick (Fire TV)
  • Android TV

Wi-fi connections are much more convenient than any wired connections. But as we discussed above, wi-fi routers can also fall under malevolent data hacks. So configuring your router to have VPN support might be a good idea. Cyberghost lets you set a compatible router with a VPN. The VPN enables all of the devices under the connection of the router to get protection.

Browser Extensions
If you don’t like a more technical approach and want to save your data instantly, the browser app option is the best alternative. Cyberghost gives browser extensions for

  1. Google Chrome
  2. Mozilla Firefox

You can find each of the browser extensions on the respective stores.

Cyberghost Pricing

Three Year Subscription$2.75/month
One Month Subscription$5.99/month
Two Year Subscription$3.69/month
Addon (Dedicated IP)$5/month

Cyberghost Coupon codes and offers

We mentioned promo codes and deals regarding Cyberghost. If you want an offer instant, it might be just hopeful searching. The reason for vagueness is that there are sales promotions on specific offerings throughout the year. You have to keep an eye out for offers.

Cyberghost Promo Codes of Cyber Monday and Black Friday brings you assured discounts, sometimes over 90%. The bid holiday sales of Christmas and New Year are also good times to look for discounts.

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