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What Type of Hosting Do You Need

July 18, 2014

At the time, there are various options regarding web hosting.  All the different possibilities, ultimately, serve the same purpose, which is to host your information so that it can be accessible from any computer in the globe through the Internet.  The greatest difference between web hosting options rely in its structure and benefits offered.

Free Web Hosting
Free Web Hosting is the way to go if you want to set up a homepage or a personal website to share with family and friends.  In spite of the criticism for the feature shortage, low security and poor customer support, you can still find some reliable free web hosting providers out there.  Just keep in mind that what you are getting is like a preview of a full web experience.  If you want to be really present on the web, for instance with an online business, you should really consider a paid hosting service, which will offer more customization options, as well as enhanced control, reliability and security.

Shared Hosting
As you can probably guess by reading the name shared hosting means your website will be hosted in a server which will also have other sites hosted.  As many sites are hosted on the same computer, costs are divided amongst webmasters, thus making this the most popular and affordable option for personal users or small businesses.  On the other hand, when sharing the hosting environment, you may be affected by your neighbor’s activities.  This means that if someone in other website makes a bad scripting or programming error, the whole server might experience consequences.  The same logics apply to traffic: if one site experiences a sudden rise in its traffic level, your site will probably run slower.

 Dedicated Hosting
When your business has grown big enough and requires more resources than the ones provided by a shared server hosting regarding your website, you should go for Dedicated Hosting.  Bear in mind you have an entire server dedicated to you, which is great, but you will also have to handle all the server administration.  There is a less affordable version of Dedicated Hosting, called Managed Hosting, in which you still have a whole server for yourself, but your provider handles all the management tasks in relationship with the computer.

What would be my best pick?
The only advice you need when looking into a hosting provider is to be familiar with your needs.  While free services may be just perfect for personal and amusement sites, shared hosting may suit better small businesses.  At last, dedicated server hosting is intended for users who have larger hosting requirements as well as bigger budgets.  By knowing your requirements, it will be really simple for you to choose the correct option.

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