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What is Reseller Hosting

July 18, 2014

Lately, different web hosting companies started to offer reseller hosting service.  This service consists in an account owner occupying a wholesale of a web server and then, renting out different portions of the hard disk space and bandwidth to third parties.  In that way, the account owner turns into a kind of hosting server provider for that third parties which host their sites in the allocated space.

Usually, reseller hosting packages feature individual control panel for end users.  What you need to keep in mind is that the account owner may not have the expertise level or the same technical abilities that a regular web hosting company.  This is so because account owners are not really required to have any knowledge on web hosting.  Moreover, a great portion of account holders that offer reseller hosting are entrepreneurs who seek to start up a hosting company rather than experienced webmasters.

Advantages – Disadvantages
The greatest upside on reseller hosting service is pricing.  The vast majority of this kind of plans are really affordable, only a few dollars a month.  But if you are seeking for a full and detailed tech support attention, you should go with a regular web hosting firm.  Resellers, on a long run, may not be able to provide the level of technical assistance you need.

Coming to a Conclusion
Reseller hosting service is a wise path to choose if you are an entrepreneur looking for a chance to start a self-owned business.  This kind of investment represent low risk, as well as a limited startup cost.
From the end user perspective, I must say this service will only suit you if you are an advanced webmaster.  In that scenario, you can enjoy cheap web hosting and solve your own technical issues that may rise.  However, if you are new to hosting, scripting and programming, this kind of service might not be an intelligent choice.  If you experience technical issues, you will surely need some assistance from a established web hosting firm.  In some cases, cost is not the only important aspect of an investment.


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