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What is PHP Hosting

July 18, 2014

PHP is a well known scripting language tailored to create dynamic web pages, such as shopping carts, forums and login sites.

PHP scripts are inserted into the HTML programming source of the site, and function over the hosting server, not on the browser.  Thus, if you take a look at the coding of a PHP site, you will only see plain HTML.  PHP is fully compatible with high end mobile devices such as iPhone and iPad.  Major websites as Facebook or Wikipedia are based on PHP scripting.

There are lots of open source content management systems written in PHP.  WordPress and Drupal are only two examples widely chosen by webmasters at the time of building their sites, due to those platforms’ flexibility.  Webmasters have the possibility of choosing amongst many templates and can run many plugins to reate really professional looking websites in an easy-going way.  All the templates this platforms offer are fully customizable.  Webmasters have the chance of changing almost any detail to fit their liking.

How to choose the right hosting when working with PHP
As said before, PHP scripting runs on the server side.  That means that if your site includes any PHP content, it should be hosted on a server that features a PHP processing module.  Checking this information with your provider is a must before making your final decision.

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