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What is Managed Hosting

July 16, 2014

What_is_managed_hosting_-_403 SINARDI PABLO

Managed Hosting stands for hosting plans administered by the hosting provider.  Its price may fluctuate from thirty dollars monthly to hundreds of dollars, depending if you choose VPS hosting or a enhanced version of a dedicated hosting plan.  Thus, due to the different price scale, you should really look into the different options, features and services that this different managed hosting plans offers.

Fully Managed Hosting
Whenever hosting services providers advertise their hosting plans, they refer to them as “fully managed” plans.  But this is not fully true.  You, as a customer, may believe that the hosting plan is fully run and tech-supported by the provider, while on the other hand, other users may think that the technical help they receive is not enough.  What really happens is pretty simple: the higher the price range is, the more technical assistance you will be getting from your provider.
In this kind of hosting plans, your site will be supervised by expert webmasters regularly.  In other words, you won’t have to stress yourself or even worry about technical issues or servers dropping the site.  All you need to do is to pay your fee, sit back and relax.
You also have the option of “partially managed web hosting” plans for you to choose.  In this case, your site will also be monitored by your provider’s staff, however you will be required to perform some maintenance and administrative functions on your website.  You will also have a higher rate of control over your site, due to the fact that more changes will be made from your end, rather than from the provider.  You should always check with your hosting provider in order to ensure the level of technical support provided.  In that way, you will choose wisely a hosting package that suits your needs.

Advantages of Managed Hosting
Managed hosting works perfect for small and medium businesses, since it’s an affordable alternative to a full time webmaster hired to maintain your website.  In these days, you can’t afford having your site offline even one single day.  In this scenario, managed hosting is a wise and and price-efficient option.  Outsourcing the web technical support may be an intelligent path to follow.  At a first glance, it may seem expensive, when compared to shared hosting plans, but you will experience the upsides right away.  You will be saving lots of time and resources when the maintenance of your website ceases to be an issue.

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