What Is Blog Hosting

July 16, 2014

Blog Hosting is a possibility that the web enables in order to host your information.  Short for “weblog”, a blog is a site which permits regular updates via individual posts, forming a chronicle of information.  There are different options of blog hosting available.  At first, choosing one may see a bit complicated, but it really isn’t.

Blog hosting allows you to edit your information almost in any possible way you could imagine.  You can manage your posts from the web-based platform, or you can rather install a blog-software such as Typepad, Nucleus, b2evolution, etc. which are really simple to install.  Blog hosting supports scripting (ie. PHP), database features (ie. MySQL) and a great deal of storage capacity as well as bandwidth.

How do I choose my Blog Host?
The fist decision you will need to make is if you want to host your blog in a free site or rather pay a blog hosting provider.  If you are looking forward to set up a personal blog, in order to keep in touch, for instance, with friends and family, you should choose a free blog hosting service.  Most popular hosts such as WordPress or Blogger offers user-friendly interfaces to get you up and blogging real quick.  You don’t need to configure a database, neither any script installation, it is really simple.
You will also require choosing between a limited section of “looks” or templates for your blog.  Almost everything in your site is customizable.  You may see a couple of adds in your site and not be able to remove them.  Well, that is the limit of free blog hosting, meaning that in that way, the host generates income in order to sustain the free blog hosts.
But if you are looking at your blog as a way to supplement your income, you should really try a paid blog hosting.  This option enables greater customizing options, as well as your own chosen domain.  If you still wish to keep adds on your site, their income will redirect to you.  Paid Blog hosting also can manage a larger amount of traffic (visitors) than free blogs.  In this option, you can also find blogging softwares that will lead you in a easy-going way to manage your posts.  At last, with the use of plugins (that you can get on the internet some for free and some other paid) you can extend your blog’s possibilities to any extent you may possibly desire within a website.  You will be able to do a static website, a photo gallery, a forum, job board, eCommerce site and even more.

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