Web Hosting Sizes

July 18, 2014

The online presence that you can have is determined by the size of the web hosting account. There are many ways to determine its size;

Disk Space

A web page’s size is usually about 10 to 50kb and a great part of the disk space is filled with graphics. If you add large image galleries, great databases, log and email files, scripts and so on, disk space can easily be outsized.

Email Accounts

One email account is usually offered by web hosting providers within their free web hosting plans. Even if there is just one person managing the site, the most convenient and logical action is having different accounts for different functions. For instance, you can use yourname@yourdomain.com to receive private emails, info@yourdomain.com for broad questions and information and newsletters@yourdomain.com for newsletters. Having email aliases is also something interesting.

Another good idea is to check if web mail is being offered in the free hosting service. If it isn’t the case, you will find yourself downloading your email with a POP3 email client to your computer (like Outlook).

Data Transfer

The amount of data that is transferred to and from your web hosting account is called data transfer. Which includes visits and emails to your website and file uploads. Usually, the amount of visitors of your website is a dominant factor.

If you generally receive 50.000 page views and your site is about 20kb, you will have 1 GB of data transfer. Usually, websites use less than 1 GB a month.

Multiple Domains

This is rarely offered by free web hosting service, but it still is a saving cost feature to include, even more if your plan involves running several websites in the same account.

Given the case that the hosting provider holds out multiple domain hosting, there will be a limit to the amount of extra domains that you are able to host with one account. Nevertheless, with the corresponding server resources (which are disk space an data transfer) included in a free hosting account, you wouldn’t either be able to host more than a certain number of websites under one account.


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