The Boundaries of Web Hosting Support

July 18, 2014

Website building, web design, control panel, eCommerce, scripts, search engine optimization, database, FTP, keywords, email clients, bandwidth, disk storage, IP addresses, domain names, and many more. These are all terms and expressions connected to the industry of web hosting and they can simply be located in plenty of glossaries and knowledgebase from hosting providers. All this terminology and technicality can get overwhelming at times, especially for someone who is new in owning a website or hosting. Apparently, it looks like there is a hosting solution for nearly all problems associated with the Internet, but not every problem is related to the limits of web hosting support.

Support Tickets

There are many who get confused when discussing the assistance that a web hosting provider should give. In the support section of the majority of hosting websites, you should find a menu with a list of categories in which you are able to file a complaint or question. The list seems to have quite a lot of categories to represent your problem, but does not occur every time.

For instance, if the problem that you have is with editing of the website’s template or the install of a third party plug-in to the website, you could think that the problem has to do with scripting. Yet, it might not be a scripting issue related to your web hosting account directly. In that case, the hosting company will probably give you the advice of consulting with a professional web designer. And, in many cases, this advice will rather look like a lack of support despite the fact that it might be the best solution that the hosting company can offer. Then, support ticket categories often become a general reason for confusion and disappointment.

Terms and Conditions

By accessing the web hosting provider’s Terms of Service, you will get a more precise view of the boundaries that your hosting support capabilities have.  In most cases, you will come across with information about what the support staff can help you at. A fine rule to remember is; if the problem you have is not fixable by the means of the control panel, then neither the web hosting company can help you.

Phone Support

An easy way to know if your problem can be solved or not is basically calling your web hosting company at the moment and in real time. Instead of waiting around for an email to drop on your account, you will probably find that speaking to a representative of customer service on the phone or by live chat becomes quite time saving. Speaking with someone will abolish the confusion and, sometimes, the frustration that resolves from inaccurate information via email.

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