Overview of Dedicated Hosting

July 18, 2014

As a website develops, in many cases, the website owner decides to setup its own dedicated web hosting server. A larger website generally needs more resources, like bandwidth and CPU server, which are not found in a shared hosting platform. But besides the extra resources, which advantages does a dedicated hosting offer?

Total Control

The most tempting aspect of dedicated hosting is that you have the web server just for you.

Due to the fact that the web server is all for yourself, you will find no restriction when dealing with the operating systems or programs that you wish to install on the hosting or the website. Differently to shared hosting, it does not confine your website into a specific mold or setup.

Moreover, the server is all for you as well when working with dedicated hosting, meaning that all the web server’s CPU and memory are yours. There will be no need of sharing any of these resources with some other sites, like in the case of shared hosting. When being on a shared hosting situation, if one of the websites on the shared web goes down, it could bring about the entire web server to go down too, involving your website. The advantage on dedicated hosting is the stability and security you get compared to shared hosting.


On the basis of the power of dedicated hosting, it costs more that the common shared hosting plans. A regular dedicated hosting plan is around $100 per month or more, depending on the sort of server given by the host. Anyways, the cost of it is similar to the rent of the server bandwidth and hardware.

If the website you have is currently doing well and has become a reliable source of income, moving on to a dedicated hosting might be favorable for you.


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