Linux Hosting vs Windows Hosting

Linux Hosting vs Windows Hosting

July 18, 2014

There are two kinds of hosting that are generally offered by web hosting providers: Linux and Windows hosting. Mostly, Linux hosting indicates shared hosting which is the most known hosting service there is. Actually, the majority of websites are currently hosted with Linux hosting because of its reasonable prices and flexibility. Linux hosting can go with PHP as well as MySQL which can carry scripts like phpBB, ZenCart or WordPress. On the contrary, Windows hosting works with Windows operating system and provides technologies that are Windows specific, for instance, ASP, MSSQL or Microsoft Access

A PC that runs Windows, means Windows Hosting?

Not really. You can choose any type of hosting separately from whichever operating system your PC has.

Why is it that, most generally, Linux hosting is far cheaper than Windows hosting?

The reason is that, since Linux is a free open source system, the web hosting provider does not have to pay any type of license fee for using it as its hosting server’s operating system. Consequently, by not having to pay fees, the hosting provider can offer cheaper prices for its service.

Getting to the point. Which is best the hosting service to choose?

If discussing the level of aptitude, these two are basically the same. Subsequently, the type of hosting service you eventually choose comes to the sort of technologies that your website will need. For instance, if your intention is to set a blog in motion with WordPress, or maybe start a forum online with the use of phpBB, then you should probably go with Linus. But, if the website that you want requires something more specific of Windows, like MSSQL, then you will have to choose Windows hosting.

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