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With its re-launch in October 2009, iPage.com became really well known. Ten years of experience backs this domain, now a major success in the hosting business. Lately, iPage.com has been ranking top grades in the hosting review sites.

iPage is currently run by an experienced management team called EIG (Endurance International Group). This team is around 15 years old and holds over 2 million domain names. EIG is also the owner of other major names in the web industry such as GoDaddy, EasyCGI, JustHost, BlueHost, PowWeb, VPS Link, amongst others. It is correct to say that, in this days, EIG is the most important web hosting company on the globe.

Key Features
Several factors make of iPage one of the smartest budget hosting choices in the market. Corner-stone factor that outruns every other shared hosting companies in the industry is simple: pricing.
The vast majority of shared hosting providers bundle similar features in their offers of hosting packages. This would be free domain name, twenty-four-seven tech support, webmail as well as unlimited hosting and so on. Thus, there are no great differences in the service, regarding the technical aspect, nor the quality of service. In this situation, pricing becomes the issue to look at when the moment of making your choice comes. Here is where iPage rises above the other providers: cost difference can be from 15% to 200% cheaper.

iPage Service
iPage Review1

The service is focused on an specific simple hosting plan: iPage Essential Hosting Plan. It is a shared hosting plan that enables users to host unlimited domains for a monthly fee of $3.50.
Features offered by iPage are similar to other unlimited shared hosting services: unlimited disk storage, data transfers, web mail, FTP accounts, addon domains, MySQL databases, etc.

Unlimited Hosting?
Whenever you hear the term “unlimited hosting”, bear in mind it is just a marketing trick. iPage will allow you to host infinite addon domains in your hosting account, yes, but “unlimited” will only work if you don’t exceed the hardware resources assigned to your account. If you do so, iPage will suspend your hosting account.

iPage in first Person
I choose iPage near the brand’s refurbishment, in late 2009, and I am still a overall satisfied customer. I will strongly recommend iPage for customers who seek for an affordable web hosting service. I must highlight that the server works above average, according to my evaluation.
Hiring the service was really simple. My account was set up just a couple of minutes after I made my payment. One could think customer service can be ineffective in such a cheap deal, but iPage really met my expectations in this area. You can have your website up and running within an hour.

Uptime Analysis
I also had a good experience regarding server uptime and performance. You might come across some negative commentaries about this particular area of the service on the internet, but remember pricing and the spectacularly large amount of customers that iPage hosts. Thus, it would be illogical to hold higher expectations than what the service provides. You can’t please every customer when you handle hundreds of thousands of them.

Uptime Review
I’ve tracked two sites hosted by iPage for a timeframe higher than a year. The recorded uptime for the last thirty days is over 99%, which is a really good rate for a budget host that charges less than $5 monthly.

iPage Review2

iPage uptime score for September 11 – October 10, 2013

iPage Review3

iPage uptime score for December 2013 – January 2014.

iPage Upsides
Cost: iPage is the best budget web hosting service. It isn’t only affordable, it is also reliable.
Anytime Money Back Guarantee: As opposed to other hosting companies, iPage has a protective customer service policy. While other companies offer thirty of fourty five day money back guarantee, iPage has got you covered for good. In other words, iPage will go the extra mile to provide good service, due to the fact that it is really easy to leave the host with a refund.
Simple ordering Process, Low Tech skills needed: iPage is the most rookie friendly hosting service. The account setup process is really easy and the ordering process presented no issues at all. My account was ready, as mentioned before, just minutes after payment.

iPage Downsides
No server upgrade possibility: iPage only offers shared hosting services. Although this may seem enough for starters, if you wish to upgrade your account to dedicated hosting or VPS, you will have to choose another provider.
Software Publicity: When you get your iPage account up, you will be offered various free software trials within iPage control panel. Many, if not all, of this services are only free for a trial period of thirty days and will generate extra cost after this timeframe expired.

Is iPage the right choice for you?
In my opinion, iPage is the top budget hosting service you can get. You will not be able to find another service offering the same features and performance at this cost. As per the negative comments you might encounter, bear in mind iPage offers an anytime full money back guarantee in order for you to cancel your account at any point if you are not happy with the service. So, what’s the risk? iPage is definitely a must when looking for an affordable and trust worthy hosting service.

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