How to choose a domain name

How to Choose a Domain Name

July 14, 2014

For you to be able to design and create your own website in a successful way, we have gathered some meaningful information in these lines. Three important steps are to be taken into consideration when building a website: choosing a web host, a name for the domain and an application so as to generate and control the website content.

How to decide on a domain name?

By choosing a domain name and registering it you can make your web site accessible through the Internet. A domain name is basically the name that someone who is going to visit your website types in the browser’s address bar so as to see the website displayed.

Selecting the best name for your website’s domain

Everyday thousands of domain names are added worldwide and already 50 million have been registered. Considering the amount of registered domains, it might be challenging for you to have the name that you wanted for the website. But you shouldn’t loose your enthusiasm; instead feel encouraged to be original.

Keep in mind that pretty much any combination of letters, hyphens or even numbers can be used for a domain.  The length of the name is up to your choice, but in general, a domain name carries between 3 and 67 characters.

Easy steps to follow when choosing an effective domain name:

1. Brainstorm! Think of words connected to the domain.

- Think and list all possible words that share some relation to the domain name you prefer. Then also list all those which are connected to the content of the website.

2. Combine! Think of combinations of the words that are;

- Short, easy to remember, not generally confused, simple to spell, linked to the base of the industry and look solid to domain.

The shorter the domain name, the easiest to remember and type, moreover, even less likely to carry spelling mistakes. For instance, is not very easy to forget. On the contrary, is quite confusing.

As usual, there are exceptions. Sometimes longer domain names are in fact simpler to remember and type than some short ones that are a succession of letters (like initials). For example is a sequence that can be easily forgot or misspell but, the extended name,, is far easier to memorize.

  1. Vary! Out of combinations you made, select the ones that you mostly like.

- Consider these words in their singular or plural form. If you specially like a certain word, then take note of all its forms (as noun, adverb, verb, adjective…) Be also aware of hyphens or number: these may be the way for you to get the domain you really wanted.

  1. Search! Find out if there is availability for the domain name you chose.
  2. Expand! Look for as many extensions as you can think of. If you do business online, you will most probable want everyone to find your site. Point all extensions to your site to drag more traffic.
  3. Carry on! If you still didn’t find the option you wanted, try again! It’s a matter of continue search until you get your dreamed domain.

The domain name registration

Once you have the domain name of your choice for the web site, it will be time to register it.

ICANN authorizes registrars which are able to register your domain name.

Note: To register a domain name directly with ICANN is not possible for the end user. The user has to recur to either a registrar or an indirect registration which can be done through a hosting web provider.

The cost of the registration for a domain is set by each registrar and is generally done every year.

SiteGround gives you a free and instant way of checking if the domain you want is available and, being this the case, gets it registered immediately and, then again, for free with your hosting account.

If you want to see how it is, you can visit Domain Name Order Page and go along the instructions.

Accredited registrars such as eNom or Tucows work with SiteGround. By registering a domain name though SiteGround you will get a year of free domain register, simple domain name administration and your domain name will automatically renewed yearly.

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