how much hosting resource do you need

How Much Hosting Resource Do You Need

July 18, 2014

When the time comes of choosing a web hosting plan for the website that you have, there are two important factors to have in mind for the web hosting package; web storage size and data transfer. With more or less an annual cost of 100 dollars, plenty of web hosting servers provide unlimited hosting plans. As the name states, these unlimited plans consists of unrestrained web storage and data transfer. But being new at owning a website, is it necessary to have unlimited storage?

What is the objective of your new website?

If the aim of your site is basically sharing stories, such as a blog, it will mostly include text and maybe some images. Generally, an article with 500 words involves 22KB. Taking this estimate into consideration, you will need less than 1MB a month supposing you will have 30 monthly articles.

Following the example given above, at most your website will use 1MB a month of hosting storage. And considering more than 800 monthly visitors, you will be facing 800MB worth of traffic each month for the website.

What is the normal supply of storage and bandwidth traffic for a free web hosting provider?

In general, a free web hosting server provides 100MB of web storage and 1GB a month of traffic. In conclusion and contrasting information, a free web hosting provider should be sufficient for somebody who is launching a new website.

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