CoolHandle Review1

CoolHandle Review

August 22, 2014

CoolHandle was created by a portion of Information & Technology professionals in 2001 to set up new standards in the rapid-changing business of web hosting. CoolHandle is one of the smaller companies offering reseller accounts, VPS hosting and shared web hosting services.
At early 2010, the company was fully acquired by Currently, it is managed by a combined team of both companies.

At this time, CoolHandle only offers CloudLinux-based hosting services. This is, basically, a VPS hosting service. The price is $29.95 monthly for Starter Plan, $39.95 monthly for Business Plan and $49.95 monthly for Pro Plan. In the two first options -Starter and Business- there is a limitation on the number of databases and domains you can add.

CoolHandle’s Offer

Shared Hosting Plans
CoolHandle’s main focus is shared hosting. The company offers three different plans: Starter, Business and Pro. All account bundle the main features you could imagine receiving from any other hosting company. These are unlimited bandwith and storage space, free setup and domain name, DNS management, cPanel control panel, custom error pages, instant restore and buckup, statistics reporting, SSH shell access and choice of shopping carts. Moreover, CoolHandle accounts fully supports the most popular software: Phyton, Fantastico, PHP5, Custom PHP.INI, Perl, Ruby on Rails, CGI Scripts, CRON jobs, Multimedia files (Flash, Shockwave, etc.).
You will be receiving this bundled features for a fee of $3.95 per month that will include 5 domains, 5 parked domains, 5 subdomains, 5 MySQL databases, 5 email accouns and 5 FTP accounts. You will not get PostgreSQL databases in this plan.
On the other hand, Business service offers 100 domains, parked domains, subdomains, MySQL databases, PostgreSQL databases and FTP accounts. It also features up to 1000 mailboxes. This extra features cost $10.95 monthly.
The priciest plan is the Pro package. It includes all features listed above in the previous plans, but unlimited. Pro package costs $12.95 monthly. Bear in mind that Business and Pro plans have an option to get a private SSL and dedicated IP address. This is at no cost only for the first year.

CoolHandle’s Business and Pro plans offer almost everything a customer might be searching for in a hosting service. A great upside of these services is the management of your site through cPanel, due to its popularity.

VPS Hosting Plans
CoolHandle also offers VPS hosting services.  Again, you get to choose between three possibilities: VPS 01, VPS 02 and VPS 03.  Details on the image below.
CoolHandle Review2

If you’ve grown bigger than your shared hosting account’s limits, VPS hosting is the way to go. CoolHandle’s VPS hosting allows full root access, thus permitting full customization within your site, as well as management of it via cPanel. You will also be getting a free domain name and a dedicated IP address (or two of them if you go with VPS 03), backup system, domain privacy, manager DNS, 100 Mbps of Cisco network speed and managed DoS/DDoS mitigation. In VPS hosting services, CoolHandle goes the extra mile and guarantees an uptime of 99 percent. The variations between the three levels of VPS accounts are in space amount, bandwith, RAM memory allocation, etc.

CoolHandle Upsides
The greatest upside about CoolHandle is speed. You will get really fast network links and smooth running web servers. If you analyze CoolHandle’s hardware specifications, you will notice that there are plenty of resources to keep your site up and running. CoolHandle guarantees to keep their links at a top rate of 50% utilization, thus allowing the host to absorb sudden traffic rises without going offline or dropping data.
Another great aspect of CoolHandle service is the possibility of web expansion you get.  As the company offers shared, VPS, dedicated and reseller hosting services, it rises as a smart choice for customers who have big expectations for their webpage.
If you go with a Pro hosting plan, you will be getting a free dedicated IP address, CloudFlare CDN support and free private domain registration.  This is a really good deal for a fee of $12.95 per month.  You will also get the Bulk Domain tool.  It will be really helpful for customers who buy or trade domain names at a regular basis.  Customers get to transfer and search bulk domain names in their Client Area portal (see image).
CoolHandle Review3

As many other environmentally conscious hosting companies, CoolHandle has Renewable Energy Certificates for its electric resources consumption.  The company is powered at a rate of 125% by renewable energy.  But that is not all: lately, CoolHandle teamed up with 3 Degrees, a new renewable energy associate.  This alliance intends to find ways to make the hosting company even more environmentally friendly.  If you need further information on this issue, please refer to 3Degrees.

CoolHandle Downsides
Generally, CoolHandle VPS hosting services are better than shared services. In a 36 month subscription, Starter plan costs $4.95 per month, Business $10.95 per month and Pro $12.95 per month. Though the Pro service may seem as a good pick ($12.95 monthly for the hosting of unlimited domains, free dedicated IP addresses and free Cloud Flare CDM support), Starter package offers only 5 addon domains, 5 parked domains, 5 mySQL databases, 5 FTP accounts and 5 mailboxes. This is way lower than what other companies (such as WebHostingHub, which offers unlimited addon domains at $1.99/mo for the first 3 months)
On the other hand, when surfing the internet, you may come across some negative reviews of CoolHandle’s tech support. You will see it graded as poor or regular. This may be so due to the fact that online support is not up and running most of the time, or maybe it is because you as a customer can’t find a phone number to dial if you need instant tech support.

As stated above, CoolHandle has a great speed rate and a great uptime ratio. On the other hand, it’s lack of tech support and pricing may be a huge downside when the time of choosing a provider comes. For the same price, you can get a better service in other companies with better customer support and the same reliability.

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