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WordPress Hosting

Jul 18, 2014No Comments753 Views

The vast majority of internet users turned to Facebook and Twitter rather than traditional blogging.  However, this social media channels present lots of limitations regarding


SEO and Hosting Location

Jul 18, 2014No Comments704 Views

In most cases, a page will download quicker if the web server is geographically closer to the site visitor. This is due to the fact

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What Type of Hosting Do You Need

Jul 18, 2014No Comments729 Views

At the time, there are various options regarding web hosting.  All the different possibilities, ultimately, serve the same purpose, which is to host your information

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What is Reseller Hosting

Jul 18, 2014No Comments703 Views

Lately, different web hosting companies started to offer reseller hosting service.  This service consists in an account owner occupying a wholesale of a web server


Hosting Multiple Domains

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Multiple domain hosting basically means that you get to an arrangement with the web hosting provider in which you are allowed to have all your

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What is VPS Hosting

Jul 18, 2014No Comments625 Views

VPS hosting is, as its name indicates, a web hosting service based on Virtual Private Servers.  Although the websites are, physically, hosted on the same

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What is Web Hosting

Jul 18, 2014No Comments731 Views

Web hosting stands for a service that provides organizations or individuals with the possibility of posting a site or page on to the Internet.  A

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What is PHP Hosting

Jul 18, 2014No Comments620 Views

PHP is a well known scripting language tailored to create dynamic web pages, such as shopping carts, forums and login sites. PHP scripts are inserted

how much hosting resource do you need

How Much Hosting Resource Do You Need

Jul 18, 2014No Comments829 Views

When the time comes of choosing a web hosting plan for the website that you have, there are two important factors to have in mind

free web hosting getting started

Free Web Hosting – Getting Started

Jul 17, 2014No Comments693 Views

There are three things that you should have in mind in order to get your website on the Internet; domain name, content and hosting. When