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Benefits of Managed Hosting

July 21, 2014

When running a small business, company website or online store, the last thing where you want to spend money, time and effort is on server management.  There is a solution for this: managed hosting services.  There are various issues that can rise from the malfunction of a server.  This issues stand for money loss, stress and bad business image.  The way to solve this is managed hosting.

What is really Managed Hosting about?
You’ve probably heard the expression “managed hosting” or came across it when dealing with providers.  Here you will find this option explained and its benefit listed in order for you to choose the right way to go for your business.
In simple words, managed hosting stands for a package that handles (from the provider’s end) with all the issues related with the server.  You will not only rent the physical space on the server and its hardware, but also its managing.  Managed hosting is similar to a “full-warranty” automobile deal: if anything fails or is missing or damaged, the provider will take care of it.
In an unmanaged hosting environment, you just pay for server space and you are fully responsible for all the maintenance and service activities to perform on the server.  There is also a mixed option: self-managed hosting.  If you chose this way to go, you will get some basic tech support and server maintenance, but the rest of the managing (let’s say the day-to-day running of the server) is up to you.

Managed Hosting: Technical Benefits

Server Monitoring
Server monitoring is a key process in maintenance an well function.  It consists of constant scans through the server in the search for potential failures or irregularities.  Server administrators constantly run server monitoring to identify weak spots to address them before they turn into big issues.  Server monitoring is like prevention, and it is the only way to guarantee a good server uptime and network availability.  Although server monitoring is not impossible to run from the customers end, it requires great specific IT skills, lots of time and money.

In any given business, security is a must.  A managed hosting package includes:
Running security audits
Spam filters
Anti-virus system
Firewall protection and configuration
Operative System updates

Managed Hosting providers are well trained and equipped to deal with server security issues.  Providers scan the server thoroughly and constantly to find security bugs and vulnerabilities, to fix them before they become a problem.

Managed Storage Space
Your business storage space requirements can change throughout time.  Getting the right amount of space requires technical knowledge.  Managed Storage means that you outsource your storage needs, thus a provider handles your required space.  This benefits your business because it helps you reduce the costs from buying extra space from from time to time.

Managed Database
This option is very similar to the Managed Storage option.  But it concerns the Database management.  The DataBase Administrator is a sort of consultant that designs your database in the best way possible in order to suit your needs and requirements.  Database Managers are, at the least, experienced in SQL Server, MySQL and Oracle.

Data loss may mean great costs for a company.  Therefore, it is essential to have a standardized process that regularly backs up your information and keeps it safe, protecting it’s integrity.  With Managed hosting, you don’t even have to worry: your information will be safe.  Your provider will be constantly backing up your information.

Managed Hosting: Business Benefits

Every customer has different needs.  Managed hosting providers know this very well, and go the extra-mile to meet your requirements.  You will always get a customized solution for your issues.  You will be able to negotiate with your provider a service or list of features that best meet your expectations within your budget possibilities.

Low Operative Costs
Having an in-house server administrator or database manager may be really expensive.  Financially, it is wiser to go with a provider that has this two positions covered from their end, with equipped and well-trained people with the skills to handle crisis scenarios.  Managed hosting may seem pricey at first, but if you take a good look at it, you may even saving some dollars on tech support.   Use your time to focus on your core business, rather than server issues.  Time is money, don’t waste it on tech issues that can be addressed by someone else trained for that.

Outsourcing server management is the best way to go regarding the web presence of  your business.  Many companies go with unmanaged or self-managed hosting due to the fact that they lack to know the advantages of Managed hosting.  This option will save you time and, ultimately, money.  Working with experts is always the best way to go regarding technology issues, and server management is not an exception.

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