Basic features of free web hosting

Basic Features of Free Web Hosting

July 16, 2014

Finding a free web hosting solution is something that cannot be delayed. This task of identifying a reliable host tends to get challenging, in particular with the amount of service providers and availability of options nowadays. Add to that all the promises given and the challenge gets even more difficult.

Despite all these, a decision, and a good one, can be taken. Have a glimpse to some of the most frequent features that should be offered by a good free hosting provider:

Disk Space and Bandwidth

The first one addresses to the amount of space for storage that you will get through the free web host. Disk space is used to store all the files that your website requires, whether they are text, audio or images.

The second refers to the amount of traffic that can either access or leave the website. Access is every time someone types the name of your website in the browser. Leave means, in brief, each time a visitor gets something from your website; he might download a file, or view a photo, listen to an audio, etc.

For instance, if the website you have contains many graphics (like images) then you will need grater storage and larger bandwidth.

Website Creator and FTP

In the case that you are dealing with your first website and you lack or have very little experience, the best idea would be looking for a free web hosting service that provides a free website creating app. With this, you will be able to create a website by just picking a template and including your text and images.

FTP is the acronym for File Transfer Protocol. It is used for transferring the files of your website from your computer to your hosting provider, or the other way about. This way you can upload your finished files for the website (like graphics or multimedia files) from the computer to your hosting server. And, on the other hand, it allows downloading files from your web host to your computer again. Having unrestricted FTP access is something every free web host should be able to offer every day at any time.


If you were wondering, your free web hosting provider is the one who should supply the email services; in order for you to have email accounts under “”. Besides a web mail interface, to log in and control your emails with the use of your web browser, email service ought to include POP3 as well as SMTP access for you to set up and enter your “” email accounts using mobile devices.

Support and full Uptime

The best choice is always a free web hosting provider with also free and trustworthy phone and email support.

Some problems might be out of the host’s control, such as the city being out of power, so you can never expect literally full guaranteed uptime. But, what they should do is provide measure just in the event that anything like this happens to limit the website and email downtime to the minimum. These might include, 24/7 monitoring of server and network, surplus hardware as well as network configurations and some onsite backup power supply. Whether you understand the technicalities of these terms or not, see if your web hosting provider has listed them on their website. If you cannot find them, then ask about it.


Any free web hosting provider should offer all the basic features previously named without charging absolutely anything. After all, you were looking for a free host. You shouldn’t either have to compromise price with ads. If a free web hosting provider forces ads to your website, then you should probably keep looking for another one.

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